Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photo Book

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Stationery card

Hello Baby Girl Birth Announcement
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Monday, November 22, 2010

I joined a cult...kinda.

I am adverse to anything with major hype attached to it. My friends all know this from many a long winded rant, but in general, if the masses are in love with some thing, I will likely be skeptical of it and even loathsome of it for quite some time. Some targets of mine have included ultimate frisbee, Braveheart, Lady Gaga, and Mac people.

Some detail may be necessary to explain how each of these things belong in the same category of loathing. As for ultimate frisbee, I can see how it is a unique and fascinating game with a good balance, challenging both mental ability and athletic skill. An overwhelming majority of my good friends love this game and play it often but I however, have only played a handful of times because of the hype.

Braveheart is a movie that nearly everyone love. Especially men, but not to the exclusion of most women. Despite many recommendations, I've never see the film and I refuse to on the principle that it has too much hype.

And Lady Gaga is the queen of hype so you can see based on the pattern we're building here how I am not likely to stumble upon her songs on shuffle. Which leads me to my last item: Mac People. Notice that I didn't say Mac products. As stated in the bit about Lady Gaga, I am the owner of a 4th generation iPod shuffle with color video. 8GB if you care. I don't. Because I own Mac products but I am not a Mac Person. :) I own a PC. Yeah, in the commercials I'm the sweaty guy in the suit and I like my comb over and glasses.

Okay, I'm not THAT guy, but I am cetainly not the Mac. That guy who is going to brag about his iPhone and he 3G network it runs on. He's going to laugh condescendingly at you when you ask how to scroll through the photos on his fancy touch screen and then sip on his Starbucks Half-Caf Non-Fat Whatever. There is an overlap of those two cults you know. Apparently to properly operate a Macbook Air you should have a steaming hot latte in one hand.
I am going against all of this as we speak...er, as I type-- since I am using my husband's MacBook Pro to post today. So I'm still not a Mac Person but this computer sure is nice...

I'll just stay away from the cool-aid. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

You See Beauty

Heard this song on CSN international radio by Kristi Northup

It reminded me of how much we see a tiny fragment of the truth. Let's have faith that what we see is not always the entire picture. God is bringing our broken world into completion and there is a promise that he will continue His work until perfection. Believe that promise.

I see desperation, I see pain
I see a life in ruins, hopeless to ever change
I see a city, broken in two
Is there anything that You can do?

But You see beauty where I see dross
You see value where I see loss
‘Cause You are the light and the darkness
Cannot overcome it

I see condemnation, I see shame
I see the Bride of Christ covered in human stain
I see a finger pointing back at me
I’m ashamed of my hypocrisy

I see Simon, You see Peter
I see the adulteress, but You see a leader
I see a desert, You see a well
I see Jacob, but You see Israel

I see China, but You see believers
I see HIV positive, but You are the healer
I see religion, but You see the church
I see the horizon, but You see the whole world

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Are You OKAY?

The question rings in my ears as I try not to pulverize the unsuspecting fool. "It is an honest mistake" I tell myself. He didn't know. The WORST thing to say to a flustered girl is that she looks angry or stressed. If she IS okay you make her worried that she looks bad. If she ISNT okay, she wants you to know why and not need to ask in the first place. For the record, however, I was okay. a lack of bubbling joy, smiles and unicorns does not always mean that there is some underlying issue. It could be simple boredom or monotony. In any situation, Relient K was right to say that emotional girls should all wear mood rings. I'm going to Claire's to get mine today. ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


How can you convince someone that what they know of you, isnt really you. People try to shove you into this tiny box of convenient stereotypes but the question is how can you breakout of that? I am not what you think I am and telling me your oppinion based on a few experiences, wont make it true. So after years of friendship even, some try to say to me "you are the thinker." well yeah, sometimes I am. but I'm also impulsive. and compulsive and so many other things. I guess the point is that you cant label someone. you can describe only one aspect at a time.

The other issue is when people are unwilling to change their view of you. Why? seasons change, time changes, the movies playing at the cinema change. So Why does everyone expect people to be stagnant?? This completely contrary to the way the entire world is. So let people show you a new side of them. Let people grow. Let forgiveness in and redemption take its course.